Does your workplace need to become more creative and innovative? Have teamwork and cross-functional collaboration become vitally important to your success? In today’s increasingly fast-moving business environment, individuals, teams, partners, and customers must learn how to work more creatively together. This kind of cross-functional, creative collaboration requires new skills and practices.

Gamestorming is a holistic collaboration approach that makes it possible for everyone in the organization to participate in creative and design-oriented activities. Whether it’s planning a meeting, generating ideas, understanding customers, creating prototypes, or making better decisions, Gamestorming is a way for groups to “work better together.”


To get started with Gamestorming, all you need is a group of people, a room, and basic office supplies like markers, sticky notes, index cards and flip charts.

If your team isn’t all in the same building, don’t worry, you can still Gamestorm with your team. More and more people are working remotely these days. Some friends and I have been working on a tool for remote Gamestorming. It’s called Boardthing and if you’re reading this I’d like to invite you to join the private beta. Just mention my name in the “How you found us” field and I’ll get you approved right away.

To learn more about Gamestorming, buy the book or check out the Gamestorming website, which is full of exercises, activities and advice.

You can also arrange a Gamestorming workshop where you and your team will learn how to increase engagement, collaboration and design thinking at work, leading to faster, better, insights and outcomes.