I speak and deliver workshops on topics related to innovation, culture and change. Each keynote is customized for its particular audience.

Refreshing and thought-provoking! Dave Gray applied a really clear and easily digestible approach to help understand what can be a difficult and multi-layered challenge for leaders in creating a “design attitude” in their organisation. And then gave a great 5-step approach to get them started! Well Done.”

Culture and change

More than half of change initiatives fail to achieve their objectives. Most of these initiatives fail because they don’t adequately understand the organisation’s culture and potential for resisting the change. In this keynote you will learn why culture matters and get an overview of a new tool and method that anyone can use to map and understand the culture of a team, group or organisation.

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The future of work is not about dull routine, it’s about being more human. Gamestorming is a set practical, proven solutions to common workplace challenges. Learn how to engage people in your project, to get better traction and move more quickly with groups, to make things happen and get better, faster decisions and results.

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Liminal Thinking

If you can see that change is necessary and you want it to happen, but you’re not sure how to get started, this keynote is for you. When it’s time for real change, the most important and most difficult thing to change is your thinking. In this keynote you will learn about the power of belief: How beliefs shape everything and what to do about it.

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How do you get the courage you need to launch new things, to try, to fail, pick yourself up and try again? Sometimes you just need to fool yourself. In this keynote you will learn how to overcome fears and jump-start action by “starting in the middle” — a core technique for tricking yourself into being brave.

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The Connected Company

To keep pace with today’s connected customers, your company must become a connected company. It requires a new way of thinking about your company: less like a machine to be controlled, and more like a complex, dynamic system that can learn and adapt over time. Learn how your company can use these principles to adapt—and thrive—in today’s ever-changing global marketplace.

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Principles of Agility

How do you keep your cool and get things done when the world around you is complex, chaotic or just plain confusing? Learn how people from a wide variety of disciplines, like mountain climbers, software developers, firefighters, soldiers, humanitarian aid workers, and jazz musicians, succeed in complex and uncertain environments.

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