VP of NO


Selling to the VP of NO was my first book. I developed it as part of a training program for a the Chairman’s Innovation Initiative at Boeing. The goal of that project was to help engineers and first-time entrepreneurs rapidly build consultative selling skills. The original title was “Selling for Technologists.” Just about every time somebody tries to sell me something I really wish they had read it.

One reviewer wrote:

“I experienced a number of ah-ha! moments; Gray was connecting the dots in my head. Because it cuts through the gibberish and contains no circular double-talk, it almost feels like it was written by a technical writer for technical writers. There was no “fluff” – just straight-to-the-point talk.”

One of the most fascinating aspects of the book is the artwork. Generally, artwork offers little value to a book on selling (other than to display sample presentation slides or spreadsheet charts). But here, the artwork is prevalent..and wonderful. The images enhance the messages behind the text by helping you visualize each step of the process.

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If you apply the techniques in this book, you will not only make yourself more effective, you will be doing your prospect a favor and saving everyone a whole lot of time and effort.

You can buy it online here: Selling To the VP of NO

Kindle version: Selling to the VP of NO

Download the VP of NO worksheet.