Culture Mapping workshop

Culture Mapping


Are you struggling to break down organizational silos, increase creativity, engagement and collaboration? Do you feel like the people in your company are resisting change? Is your company’s culture holding you back? Are you embarking on, or in the middle of, a change initiative that seems to be stalled, stuck, or just not as effective as you had hoped?

Peter Drucker famously said “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Nobody denies the critical importance of culture to a company’s success. And yet, although everyone agrees that culture is of vital importance, culture still seems fuzzy, vague and difficult to grasp. Culture change initiatives are often well-meaning, but end up as a series of feel-good exercises. They create a feeling that progress is being made, but ultimately fail to deliver results.

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In this workshop you will learn about a new business design tool, called the Culture Map, which has been used by organizations around the world to improve the success rates of mergers, acquisitions, re-organization and renewal initiatives, new business launches, strategy initiatives and other important change projects.


The Culture Map was designed by Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, the creators of the Business Model Canvas, and Dave Gray, the founder of XPLANE, a business design consultancy.

You will learn how to engage people in structured, evidence-based examinations of their current culture, including its strengths and challenges, resulting in an “as-is” map of your company culture. You will also learn how to create an aspirational “to-be” culture map, a kind of “culture vision” that you can use as a guide toward a more desirable future state.

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